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Cashless ATM

At MPay, our Cashless ATM (also known as Point-of-Banking) makes it possible for the consumer to pay using a debit card in the dispensary in a seamless and efficient manner. Our technology and services platform not only provides an effortless payment experience to the consumer, but also enables the merchant dispensary to collect the payment electronically and have the funds deposited directly to their business bank account.


Essentially, the sale is processed through the ATM processing network, unlike traditional credit card or debit card processing. It is this feature that has made the Cashless ATM the most reliable and stable electronic payment solution in the industry for years.

Not only is the Cashless ATM the most stable electronic payment solution in the market for merchant dispensaries today, but it is also the most cost effective. Since the customers pay the standard ATM fee, just as they would with a physical ATM, there is no cost to you.



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